Is your engineering firm is in need of a designer from time to time?

Can't justify the overhead or have the space to hire a part time or full time employee and can no longer wait to get fit into the schedule of a large engineering firms Contract Drafting Services?

This is why I'm here!

I had the privilege at City Utilities during 14 years of employment, to design for 12+ professional engineers, as the department I worked for reorganized a few times. This provided me with the unique experience of getting exposed to many classic drafting styles and standards from the days of hand drawn blueprints. This makes for clean and clear designs made in CAD. These standards are becoming lost as they are not mandatory due to computer drafting, but are still needed for clarity when you print out paper plans.

I strive to apply my 14 years of experience so that from day one of our contract you see production increases and value added to your projects.

I have used AUTODESK software for 18 years and maintain a current subscription.

I look forward to discussing pricing for Professional Engineering Designer and Drafting Services.          417-230-6029