My goal is to apply my 18 years of construction experience to make your custom home design project go smoothly through the design and permitting process. Getting to construction drawings / blueprints that are great for you and keep your custom home project inside your budget.

I look forward to discussing pricing for Custom Home Design Services.          417-230-6029 

The Custom Home Design Process

1. Initial Consultation

This can be in-person or over video conference. You provide your requirements and starting sketches. I provide you an initial estimate based on what you provide.

2. Retainer

A retainer is required to start floor plan design

3. Floor Plan Design

Your starting sketches and requirements are turned into floor plans that can be modified to fit your needs and requirements.

4. Customer Signoff of Floor Plan

You sign off on the overall floor plan, small adjustments can still be made through out the process.

5. Construction Drawings / Blueprints

Once the floor plan is agreed on, I move on to producing a full set of construction prints / blueprints. These are also referred to as a Builder Set.

6. Customer Signoff of Construction Prints / Blueprints